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Macroeconomic Trends and M&A

IDX Imposes 10% Drop Limit on Shares

The Indonesia Stock Exchange narrowed the daily limit on share-price losses to 10 percent in a bid to stem volatility after the benchmark index...

The crisis of microfinance

The recent ouster of the Nobel Prize-winning Bangladeshi economist Mohammed Yunus as Managing Director of the Grameen Bank, which blazed a trail for microfinance...

Southeast Asia’s Debt Problem

Rising debt levels pose threat to economic stability In Southeast Asia, original sin hasn’t gone away. Even as the region’s currencies rally, stock markets rise...

South East Asia economic woes test reserves

Southeast Asia has spent the best past of two decades shoring defenses against a repeat of the Asian financial crisis, including building up record...

The Indonesian Consumer: The pillar that will kickstart recovery

Markets have been skittish of late as fiscal troubles in Europe and a lacklustre US labour market gave rise to fresh concerns about the...

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