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Using Rate Cuts for Growth

Indonesia’s central bank isn’t in a position to use interest rates to spur growth as cutting them would hurt the currency, Senior Deputy Governor...

Telcos in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia pay highest dividends to govts, says Moody’s

Telcos in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia pay the highest dividends to their respective governments, said Moody’s. — Picture courtesy of Pexels.com KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23...

Southeast Asia’s Debt Problem

Rising debt levels pose threat to economic stability In Southeast Asia, original sin hasn’t gone away. Even as the region’s currencies rally, stock markets rise...

Indonesia in the sweet spot?

INDONESIA HASN’T HAD it this good for a long time. Investors can’t seem to get enough of the country, with portfolio capital as well...

The CFO’s role in the downturn

These are very challenging times for all. While there are some encouraging economic signs, it would be prudent as business leaders to plan with...

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