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FDI/Trade Flows

Indonesia Budget Spending Starts to Help

Unemployed for much of 2015, Firman Agung now works for the Indonesian government, racing to dig a drainage ditch through his village before monsoon...

Asian model of governance

I AGREE with Singapore Exchange chief executive Hsieh Fu Hua that the Anglo-Saxon model of corporate governance may not be fully suitable for Singapore...

Upside with Rupiah Bonds

There are two reasons investors love Indonesian local currency bonds: yields are amongst the highest in Asia, and the government is doing its best...

The myth of the unbankable

Farmers, street vendors, low-salaried clerical workers: With a few exceptions, banks in emerging economies have traditionally regarded this large group of lower-income customers as...

What INA, Indonesia’s SWF needs to do?

Launching a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is not for the faint hearted. Indonesia threw its hat in the ring in January 2021. There are...

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