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Indonesia Is More Exposed to Capital Flight Than Malaysia, Says S&P

Rocked by a political scandal and falling oil prices, Malaysia has been dominating headlines in recent months as the ringgit leads a drop in...

Where to look for returns in 2015: What will happen to stock markets?

What will happen to stock markets in 2015? Will it be a repeat of 2014, which started with hopes of the Footsie climbing above...

Transparency vital for world-class capital market

THIS year certainly presents a window of opportunity for Malaysia to raise the efficacy and integrity of its capital market. As a low-beta market, Malaysia...

The Power of Microfinance

There seems to me to be something almost spiritual about microfinance - as if the idea was handed down by a higher power for...

Southeast Asian Stocks Crawl Back From Bear Market as Funds Buy

Southeast Asian stocks are bouncing back from a bear market, outpacing global indexes as foreign investors pour in amid recovering economies.  The MSCI South East...

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