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Indonesia bonds: acid test for Asian markets

Bond markets are always the same at this time of year. Investors have lots of cash they need to invest and smart issuers take...

The Year 2021 According to BlackRock

Fiscal Cliff: A huge policy blunder has been averted (for now), but fiscal tightening will take place. With additional negotiations to come, markets will be...

Upside with Rupiah Bonds

There are two reasons investors love Indonesian local currency bonds: yields are amongst the highest in Asia, and the government is doing its best...

Indonesia in the sweet spot?

INDONESIA HASN’T HAD it this good for a long time. Investors can’t seem to get enough of the country, with portfolio capital as well...

How the mining, palm oil, pulp & paper industries continues to mis-manage its PR

The case for moving away from PR agencies that are repeatedly outmatched by the challenges Indonesia faces After over twenty years in publishing with the...

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