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Indonesia: Asia’s next Islamic finance hub

Indonesia ended 2020 with record highs in Islamic finance development, with the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report (SGIER) 2020-2021 raising the ranking...

Southeast Asian Stocks Crawl Back From Bear Market as Funds Buy

Southeast Asian stocks are bouncing back from a bear market, outpacing global indexes as foreign investors pour in amid recovering economies.  The MSCI South East...

Indonesia Stocks Are Red Hot as Valuations Surge

After a tumultuous 2015, Indonesia’s financial markets are turning red hot. Stock valuations have climbed to records after the benchmark equity gauge rebounded 16...

Rupiah weakens past 15,000 per dollar for first time since 1998

The Indonesian rupiah fell to its weakest in more than 20 years and other emerging Asian currencies also  slid on Tuesday as the dollar...

Lessons for OJK & IDX from the GameStop episode

The GameStop retail trader outrage in the United States is in many ways the perfect moment to champion technology-driven alternatives in Indonesia. Trade settlement infrastructure...

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